The correct attitude towards the health

31.05.2018 30 people, doctors, in specially traumatologists, surgeons, gynecologists, pediatricians and other specialties gathered at the workshop for discussed situation in the field.

Healthy nutrition and timely obtaining of necessary information for prevention of serious diseases is an important factor for improvement of health of the population.

Unfortunately people, begin to study a disease already when it is too late to make something for her treatment. That is why more and more international organizations, including Association of Osteoporosis Prophylaxis from Moldova, joined their forces to inform people about the problem of osteoporosis in all possible ways. The disease affects a huge number of people, and the age of people with osteoporosis became younger.


Association of Osteoporosis Prophylaxis from Moldova is one of such organizations which has taken the responsibility for holding actions for advance of prevention of osteoporosis.

Events are held by doctors and also other members of the organization in various localities of Moldova.

Last week another action from this series has taken place at which there were doctors and medical assistance from Briceni region. Classes were given by Lyudmila Grecu, the doctor of higher category, deputy chief of the Briceni clinical laboratory.

There was shown a bright example of the problem and how it influences mobility and quality of, then participants, by means of improvised materials, have learned how it is possible to avoid developing of osteoporosis and to prolong youth and mobility of joints.

The interest of participants in this subject grows every day. Moldovan people found this information very useful, they share with the acquaintances and ask to repeat lessons on this subject to secure as much as possible other people.

Doctors and Medical assistants from Briceni, Lipcani and Edinet participated at the workshop “Prevention of osteoporosis” organized by Association of Osteoporosis Prophylaxis from Moldova.